Help us Save Downtown MV:

  • Preserve the livability we have and
  • Make Mountain View the most livable city in California!

Below is an update on what’s happening to the downtown. We will update on the planning problem for Mountain View in general.

Why is this a big deal?

  • Unlike the surrounding cities, in Mountain View, there are no serious, professional planning and maintenance standards on the books and the results are clear: see this 2-minute slide show comparing Mountain View to other peninsula cities in our care for our downtowns:   
  • There are an alarming amount of “deadzones” in Mtn View; a planning term used for areas that have no public interaction or service to the community. Here in black are the areas people are barred from entering in our downtown:
    Deadzones In Black - Mountain View Downtown

    #saveDTMV #deadzones

    • Deadzones harm the remaining businesses trying to survive and hurt foot traffic numbers.
    • Deadzones come in many forms: Permanently closed shops, offices allowed on our main walking streets that block out the windows and don’t allow interactive use, buildings that have blank walls feet from our main sidewalks on Castro, and from temporary closures for remodels or even, as we found out interviewing shopkeeps, from lack of traffic that simply means they stay open very few hours.
    • Worse, out of town developers can come to make money and contribute to the deterioration of our downtown by putting in development such as office buildings which are not interactive, and contain commercial kitchens that feed their employees for free, starving our downtown restaurants. A triple threat to our downtown.

Check out this PBS piece giving context as to why things are so out of balance here:

PBS News Hour on SV growth

We are making a difference and so can you! Chez TJ and Tied House, while still threatened by an out-of town developer, would have been long gone had we not taken the steps we have.

TAKE ACTION! Sign our petition here and bring it to your neighbors for their signatures.

Contact us at: info@livablemountainview.org to join the effort to put a stop to the out-of-control and poorly planned development.

We will support candidates running in the Nov 2018 election who will support the community and stand strong for excellence in planning. Join us!